new cultures, new worlds

seasons is a research studio founded in 2022 to develop the seasons paradigm & network, a new cultural & economic vision for the network age

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The decentralization of culture

The network age is here. The exponential future is now. My research practice focuses on "The new internet" age and the transformation our notions of value, identity, and communications. These innovations are the languages of new civilizations, our languages are our worlds.

What stories are endemic to these new mediums? Season studio explores this question and also puts forth a humanist vision of new cultural stories told by new technological mediums. New stories, cultures and worlds.

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a new cultural blueprint

seasons is a vision and design language that rearticulates the means of cultural production & ownership for the network age. It is a developmental blueprint to creatively direct society by curating and developing new cultures. The blueprint explores new cultural, value, and equity primitives for the network age.

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